Corporate retreats are becoming an increasingly popular way to strengthen teams and contribute to a company’s long-term success. A corporate retreat is an investment in your business, but it takes careful planning to execute a successful retreat. We don’t think anyone wants to fall backwards into the waiting arms of a colleague to establish trust.

At Escape NZ we create team building activities that aren’t contrived or awkward, which your team will actually love.  We create bespoke luxury retreats which incorporate both indoor and outdoor activities in a beautiful, serene environment, so your team can breathe the fresh air, enjoy the sunlight and reconnect with nature. These are luxury retreats, with sumptuous accommodation, gourmet food and wine, and interesting activities, far removed from the ‘daily grind’.

Here are 3 key benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy back in the office after a luxury corporate retreat with Escape NZ.

1. Corporate retreats reset everyone’s headspace

One of the most immediately beneficial results you will see is a less stressed team. An off-site retreat allows your team time away from their usual work environment and day-to-day work pressures.  It’s also a break from their responsibilities at home. It allows them precious time to declutter and reset.

A corporate retreat also gives your team an opportunity to reflect and identify ways to improve their processes and interactions. Your team will return to work feeling more positive, more engaged, and therefore more productive.

2. Corporate retreats help you build a stronger team

A corporate retreat encourages your team to bond because they have the opportunity to interact on a more personal level. So many inter-team interactions are characterised by needing each other to complete a task, built on the foundation of simply being in the same space all day. A luxury corporate retreat is the perfect time to help your team get to know each other on a more personal level over shared meals and experiences.  It also provides an opportunity to engage with people they don’t regularly interact with. This creates a more collegiate working environment and a more cohesive and efficient team.

3. Corporate retreats let you show your appreciation of your team

A luxury corporate retreat is the perfect way to show your team that they’re valued and that you’re committed to helping them improve, both as individuals and as a team.

Your team will return to work with improved morale, knowing that they are supported. This will lead to better communication, greater trust and appreciation for each other, and ultimately improved performance. Your workplace will become a more energised environment, and you will be able to see your investment in your team paying off.

Take the time to invest in your business, and let Escape NZ organise a bespoke corporate retreat for you and your team. Who says you can’t combine business and pleasure?